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Now you can sell your gold safely, privately, efficiently and at a fair price.

How It Works

The gold buying process

Transparency, integrity & honesty is at the very heart of our gold buying process.
How It Works - Step 1

Step 1

Bring in your unwanted, damaged or broken gold jewellery to one of our stores to get it tested by one of our friendly professional sales consultants.

Our consultants will explain the process to you and will proceed with the following Gold Testing Steps.
How It Works - Step 2

Step 2

The consultant will first check the item for carat markings. Then the gold is rubbed on a touch stone leaving a gold mark on the stone.

Various Nitric acid solutions are dropped onto the line to determine if the item is gold and if so, what carat it is. The consultant will then need to verify that the item is solid and not gold plated.

A file test is done by gently scratching the surface and place a drop of acid on the item. If there is a reaction and the acid changes colour, then the item is not gold or it is gold plated.
How It Works - Step 3

Step 3

If the item is Gold and the carat is verified, the weight and carat is entered into the system and quote is automatically calculated.

If you are happy with the price, the consultant will complete the sales process on the POS and you will be paid out CASH on the spot or a direct EFT into your bank account.

Our Story

Sholain Perumal

Having started from humble beginnings, Sholain Perumal, CEO of The Gold Bar, has taken the gold buying industry to new levels of safety, efficiency, privacy and fairness.

Her passion for empowering, motivating and mentoring those around her has led her to become a philanthropist proudly involved in woman and youth empowerment.

Giving Back

Changing the World by One Act of Kindness at a Time

We’re more than a gold recycling company.
Selling your unwanted and broken gold jewellery to us means you’re also helping those in need.
Testimonial Quotes


Testimonial Sandra

Amazing and Friendly

“ Hi I am Sandra Chetty. I had the opportunity of taking some of my stuff to the Gold bar cornubia which I needed to sell. From my experience the service was excellent,  the staff most amazing and friendly, kind and very informative. Always had the pleasure of going there because of the friendly service and I received the best price for my stuff. I sure would recommend Gold bar cornubia to any of you that's interested in selling your jewellery that you don’t use or in need of extra cash. I was truly impressed and very satisfied, thank you to the staff of Gold bar cornubia.”
- Sandra Chetty

Need Some Extra Cash?

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Pay that medical bill or start saving for the holiday of your dreams by selling your unwanted or broken gold jewellery safely, efficiently, privately and at a fair price.
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