Our Story

From humble beginnings to raising the bar in the gold buying industry to giving back.

After matriculating with no funds to study, Sholain started working as a cashier at a Pick n Pay Store and earned just enough to help her family and enrol in short bookkeeping courses.

Sholain’s life changing journey began in 2005 when she joined Retail Solutions (RetSol) headed by Wayne Duncan. It was there that she gained mentorship from Wayne who led her to believe that all things are possible.

A few years later and grateful for Wayne’s investment in her life, Sholain joined DW Bullion with an abundance of knowledge and experience where she was later promoted to CEO through her diligence and consistency in work ethic and conduct. At the time she purchased 26% of the shares in DW Bullion.

Today Sholain successfully runs seven stores under the umbrella of The Gold Bar. She is not just an ambitious business woman but also a philanthropist who is proudly involved in women and youth empowerment while turning The Gold Bar into a vehicle for helping others and giving back to her community.

Our Vision Statement

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  • To Be the Most Reputable Gold Buying Company in South Africa. We Pride Ourselves in Conducting Business with Integrity and Honesty.
  • We Aim to Create Opportunities to Enhance Our Community by Providing Jobs and Upskilling Our Team Members.
  • To Inspire Our Team to Offer the Best Customer Service and To Ensure Our Customers Are Happy and Satisfied.
Our Story

The Brand

Raising the Standards of the Gold Buying Industry

The new Gold Buying model created ensures a higher GOLD PRICE is PAID for your old, damaged, broken Gold Jewellery at the 6 stores under this umbrella.

We offer a transparent process and fast efficient and friendly service. We are based in 3 malls in KZN and 3 malls in Gauteng. Our main aim is to offer customers an alternative to exchanging their unwanted Old Broken Gold Items for CASH. Gold will always be a good investment but more people are choosing to rather invest in Gold Coins which are kept in a safe deposit box as opposed to wearing jewellery that may get stolen which is quite common in SA.

Need Some Extra Cash?

Now You Can

Pay that medical bill or start saving for the holiday of your dreams by selling your unwanted or broken gold jewellery safely, efficiently, privately and at a fair price.
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Cornubia Mall
Gallaria Mall
Midlands Mall
Cresta Shopping Centre
Northgate Shopping Centre

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